Joint Mobilization of the Spine, Neck and Pelvis – March 12, 2023

$85.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

With a focus on lower practitioner fatigue, biomechanical advantage, and results based options; explore applied anatomy and kinesiology with underlying themes of tissue specific identification, injury based movement modification, and use of evidence based best practices. The primary focus will be application and performance of powerful, effective joint mobilizations you can use daily in practice to help people recover fast and save your own body in the process.


  • Who: Dr. Nikita Vizniak
  • What: 0802 Joint Mobilizations of the Spine, Neck and Pelvis
  • When: March 12, 2023, 9am – 4pm
  • Where: New Westminster (specific location TBA)
  • Practitioner Rate: $250.00
  • Student rate: $85.00
  • 7 PE credits


Q – When should I arrive?
A – Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can be admitted.

Q – What should I wear or have ready for the seminar?
A – Notebook, food, and water bottle.

Q – Am I permitted to record the course?
A – No audio or video recording is permitted.

Q – How do I get my certificate?
A – You will be emailed an evaluation form within 2 days of the completion of the seminar. Once you complete the evaluation / certificate form we will email you your PDF certificate within 2-3 business days.

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When will I receive my Certificate?

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  • You will receive an Evaluation Form after the seminar. Please fill it out to receive your certificate.
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Course Description

You cannot achieve optimal performance in the body if the foundation (bones and joints) are not there to support it. Learn about biomechanically safe methods of specific joint mobilization (arthrofascial stretching) and how it can benefit your practice, save your hands, improve outcomes and prolong your career.

Discussion topic includes definition, basic application, healing principles, review of the literature and application in practice. You will get the tools to make your treatments easier and more effective – then you can choose the best option and make an informed decision. Stop with cookie cutter techniques and start critical thinking and application. See how joint mobilizations are an extension of your body that will give you renewed confidence in skills to use in practice.

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Practitioner, Student

Joint Mobilization of the Spine, Neck and Pelvis – March 12, 2023

$85.00 CAD$250.00 CAD