proCentral™ Palpation

Body Region
Body Region

Phalanges (MP / PIP / DIP joints)

Fibular Head & Neck

Infraspinatus/Teres Minor

SP and Upper Rib Motion

Facet Joints/Articular Pillars

Muscles of Mastication

Muscles of Facial Expression

Semispinalis Capitis

Temporal/Carotid Pulses

SCM – Sternocleidomastoid

Suprahyoid Muscles

Masseter Parotids

Zygomatic Arch/Cheeks

SPs and TPs T1 – L5

Tibial/Dorsal Pedal Pulse

Fibularus Longus, Tertius, Brevis

Gastrocnemius and Soleus (2)

Gastrocnemius and Soleus (1)

Tarsometatarsal Joint

Medial Ankle Ligaments

Lateral Ankle Ligaments

Lateral/Medial Malleolus

Tibial Tuberosity and Fibular Head

Medial/Lateral Femoral Condyles

Femoral Triangle and Artery

Inguinal Ligament

Gluteus Maximus and Medius

Greater Trochanter

Sacrotuberous/Sacrospinous Ligaments

Dorsal Tubercule, Ulnar/Radial Styloids

Metacarpals and Phalanges

Clavicle and SC Joint

Medial/Lateral Knee Joint/Meniscus

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