Clinic Essentials Poster 4-Pack

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This bundled 4-pack of posters is essential to every clinic! Posters are designed to help educate patients and answer their questions. They provide practitioners at-a-glance visual aids for more thorough assessments and effective treatments.

Clinic Essentials Poster 4-pack includes:

  • Posture Poster
  • Massage Pain Scale Poster
  • Basic Clinical Protocol Poster
  • Pain Scale Poster


See more details on each poster: Massage Pain Scale Poster | Posture Poster | Basic Clinical Protocol Poster | Pain Scale Poster

Reasons to Use all 4 Clinic Essentials Posters:

Massage Pain Scale Poster

Helps massage therapists and patients work together to define their pain before, during and after a treatment.

Basic Clinical Protocol Poster

A high level guideline for patient assessment that is effective for practitioners and patients: 1) Patients become more comfortable when they can see what’s involved; 2) Practitioners can answer patient questions and conduct a thorough assessment with this at-a-glance reference.

Pain Scale Poster

Helps patient care providers quickly assess pain levels according to individual patient needs.

Posture Poster

Posture education, plus education. Improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care with: posture grid; height measurement; anatomy photos, eye chart, soft tissue injury & healing stages; gait cycle & foot wear pattern; biomechanics of neck and lumbar spine…and more!

Format: Clinic Posters

  • Posture Poster 36″ x 62″
  • Basic Clinical Protocol Poster 8.333″ x 19.5″
  • Massage Pain Scale Poster 8.333″ x 21″
  • Pain Scale Poster 11″ x 8.5″ (2up)

Stock: 48lb Bond Paper

ADD-ON AVAILABLE (add in CART for an additional cost):

  • +$60.00 – Laminate all 4 Posters

Consider this series of posters for every room in your clinic! 

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