Posture Poster – 2 per Roll

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This educational poster is a must have for any clinic — GET 2 POSTURE POSTERS IN 1 ROLL!

Advanced, evidence based posture assessment chart with patient educational information and space for advertising your own clinic or business.

Huge Size: 81cm (32″) x 145 cm (57″)


This educational poster is a must have for any clinic — GET 2 POSTERS IN 1 ROLL!

The Posture Poster is sure to improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care.

Get 2 Posture Posters, rolled in a tube, each with:

  • Posture Grid for observation of subtle postural changes
  • Height Measurement (inches & cm) – show your patients they are taller after treatment
  • Global ROM goniometer & ROM references from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Faces pain scale with numeric values
  • Upper and lower cross syndromes
  • Soft tissue injury & healing stages
  • Posture evaluation plus education – help educate your patients and establish yourself as an expert in your field with this great educational resource

Format: Posters – rolled, 2 per tube
Size: 81cm (32″) x 145 cm (57″) – shipped in 34″ x 2.25″ diameter tube
Weight: 776g / o.6kg
Stock: 48lb Bond Paper
ISBN: 978-0-9936191-0-6

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