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The TriStar is now unavailable individually. Please see our proSTM Kit that includes the TriStar.

  • Among the best myofascial instruments in the world
  • Find and treat scar tissue & adhesion while saving your own body!
  • 100% surgical grade stainless steel
  • Variable edge technology for infinite treatment edges
  • Easy, non-slip grip design
  • Designed & crafted for perfect balance & weight, making the ProSTM2 not just a pleasure to use, but also enabling the practitioner to work on any body part
  • Designed for both right and left handed practitioners
  • Competitors tools can cost $995-$6,500 for a set
  • Designed for doctors, therapists & trainers BY doctors, therapists & trainers


The TriStar is now unavailable individually. Please see our proSTM Kit that includes the TriStar.

After years of research, clinical trials and evaluation of over 100+ different IASTM tools, we believe the best design instrument on the market has been realized – ProSTM2 – ‘TriStar.’ With ambidextrous usability, variable edge technology and organic flowing design is better able to naturally fit the natural contours of real living anatomy, resulting in more tissue specific treatment options and prevention of practitioner fatigue. Buy this instrument and decide for yourself or, take our courses and try over 50+ different competitor tools – choose what you like the best and make an informed decision. After spinal pain, the second most common cause for absenteeism from work was overuse of the thumb, 91% of physiotherapists using some sort of massage had to modify their treatment techniques because of thumb pain (Snodgrass SJ. Thumb pain in physiotherapists: potential risk factors and proposed prevention strategies. J of Manual and Manipulative Therapy 2002;10(4):206-217.)

Get better results & ease strain on your body when performing:

  • Myofascial manipulation
  • Active release therapies
  • Gua Sha
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Cross friction techniques
  • & other many others

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