We advance the science and art of integrated health care through excellence in education and patient care


Functional Resources

Prohealthsys is dedicated to the distribution of accurate, clinical information to current students and health care practitioners. 

We cover numerous multidisciplinary, evidence-informed best practices including anatomy, assessment, and action (management options), athletic therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, orthopedics, neurology, diagnostic imaging, nutrition, and many others.

Our ultimate goal is to create functional resources that concisely represent issues seen in the daily activities of students, institutional and clinical health care providers. Read the history of the Prohealthsys logo.

We are continually improving this site, adding new information and features. It takes resources to improve and maintain this service; if you would like to support this service, please donate, purchase our products or join proCentral for excellent resources you need in the classroom and in practice.

We are purposely a small company designed to save you money and time, by NOT having large administration/operational costs that artificially inflate the price of our products. If you compare the competition you will see our products contain more information at more realistic price points and offer more environmentally sustainable printing and practice methods.


We believe in evidence-informed best practices and ongoing professional development.


We help practitioners help their patients maintain and empower healthy whole humans.


Understanding systematic approaches to education and action is at the heart of what we do.

"The advancement of the science and art of integrated health care through excellence in education, assessment and patient care."

Vision statement of Professional Health Systems

Excellence. From the Classroom to the Clinic

Books that Don't Stay on the Shelf

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Our materials grow with the learner.

These physical therapy books don’t just sit on the shelf after a semester or two of class; you will use our products and proCentral resources daily in practice! This process can be further supported by our in-person and online continuing education seminars.

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Professional Health Systems can also provide free sample copies of our products for state & provincial licensure associations, book fairs and new student orientations. We are also able to provide lower cost copies for humanitarian and volunteer efforts. Requests for samples copies will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We value healthcare over disease-care

Prohealthsys is committed to providing easy access to high quality educational resources that promote continual learning and contribute to the development of a strongly evidence-informed community of healthcare professionals. We value healthcare over disease-care and promotes a world vision of ensuring equality, sustainability and balance.

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Our textbooks, seminars, videos, online courses and tools are powered by experienced and innovative professionals.