Resources for Clinicians


Clinic Forms – intake & regional (free!)

Intake Questionnaires (FAB-Q, DASH, disability index etc.)

Exercise Rehab Prescription
(stretch, strengthen – space on forms for your clinic information)

Patient Education Minibooks 
(common conditions and rehab by body region, and space to advertise your practice)

Video resources 
(special tests, ROM, palpation)

Physical review
(vitals, heart lung, etc.)

Diagnosis and treatment
(clinical prediction rules)

Treatments options (exercise, massage, mobes, nutrition)

Compare professions

Textbooks (evidence based, peer reviewed – anatomy, assessment and management)

Posture wall chart (with space to advertise your clinic)

Goniometers (required for insurance and litigation reports)

CE seminars (advanced clinical reasoning, movement therapies, cadaver dissection)

Save money and time with sample contracts, pro/con comparison tables and sample business plan:

Selecting a location

Business plan (PDF)

Start up a practice vs.buying a practice

Associate vs.Independent contractor

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