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In Person or Online Consultation with Dr. Nikita VizniakDr. Nikita Vizniak is available for one-on-one consulting!

Are you looking for help to prepare for Board Exams? Or a patient consultation with a diagnosis and functional treatment plan? Do you need a CE Seminar for your clinic group, or a top-notch, evidence-informed speaker for your association, AGM, college or university class? If so, Dr. Nik’s got your back!

Dr. Nik offers numerous opportunities for current students, board exam preparation, and professional mentorship consultation. You can book a time with Dr. Nik either online or in-person (he is based in B.C., Canada). 

Dr. Nik’s Consulting Services include:

  • Education, Exercise Therapy, Massage, Joint Mobilization
  • Instrument Assisted Techniques and Orthopedic Assessment
  • Diagnostic Imaging Consultation (xray, CT, MRI)
  • Diet and Nutritional Counselling
  • Functional Exercise Rehab, Yoga and Movement Therapies
  • Practice Management, Business Evaluation, Wealth Management
  • Public Speaking and CE seminars (conferences and clinics)
  • Mentorship, Clinicians, and Board Exam Preparation

Get help to learn proven learning techniques that help you memorize and become an expert on human anatomy. Get the edge you need to study smarter, not harder, and receive the score that you want in your exams! Create effective treatment plans for better patient outcomes. Whether you’re a student or working professional, Dr. Nik can help elevate your practice.

Prohealthsys offers many resources and ways to support its students and growing professionals, and Dr. Nik wants you to know he can help you succeed. Dr. Nik is available for one-on-one consulting, either in-person at the Prohealth Clinics in New Westminster, BC, Canada, or via a Zoom meeting online.

If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level, you’re in the right place!

Dr. Vizniak has been teaching and tutoring students to write and pass practical and standardized exams for over 20 years (premed/dental/pharm, chiro, kin, massage naturopathic, physio, etc.), and understands how to give you the confidence and skill set you need to become a top-tier performer. After using his proven study techniques, he wrote the RMT Board exam (of 180 questions) in about 35 minutes, scoring 91%!

photo of one on one consulting

Dr. Vizniak provides opportunities for current students to learn board exam prep and offers professional mentorship. He can teach you how to apply the information you’ve learned.

You will also learn how it may relate to your future patients and the creation of treatment plans for them. Once you make the transition from “why do I need to know this” to “how can I use this information” you have taken a giant step toward becoming a solid critical thinker and phenomenally competent healthcare provider.

For example, a popular topic students struggle with is anatomy. One-on-one consulting with Dr. Nik Vizniak can help you learn various techniques that will help you memorize the bones, ligaments and muscles. Dr. Vizniak teaches topics including not only anatomy but soft tissue mobilization, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging, joint mobilization, IASTM, exercise therapeutics and numerous advanced myofascial therapies. He has also trained in minor surgery, obstetrics, phlebotomy, acupuncture, botanical medicine and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Nik Vizniak will help you focus on what’s important to get the best results while also getting efficient study notes. Whether you need to focus on exam prep or new skills and techniques, you can feel confident in your learning strategies and that they will be unique to you. He will help you recognize your learning style so you can be efficient and productive with your time.

Book Dr. Nik for an in-person or online consultation, or your next CE event!

Student/Practitioner Reviews

“Dr. Vizniak is one of the best professors I have had in my 12 years post-high school academic career. I appreciate his passion and knowledge and his real-world clinical experience, and his patience with our constant questions. He makes learning easy and exciting

“Dr. Nik offers immediate feedback, SAFE environment for learning (ok to make mistakes) made things humerus (pun intended) – Very friendly and approachable – always answers questions extremely well.

“Dr. Nik is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had. He was animated, engaging, and always made sure the class was hands-on – his passion is contagious and the fun environment that makes it easy to learn”

“Dr. Nik – you have a very keen ability to gauge personalities and traits of your students and you teach uniquely to address ad facilitate personal needs”

“Dr Nik is very knowledge, such a sweetheart, understanding, and is one of those people who inspire you to become a better student and brings out the best in you”

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