What Everyone Ought to Know About Doctors

total education hours for medical professionals

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a doctor’s office and wondering…

  • How much can this doctor really help me?
  • Do they know what they’re talking about when they’re giving me nutritional advice or pharmacological advice?
  • How can I choose one type of doctor over another to suit my needs and get me to where I need to be?

All of these questions and thoughts are extremely overwhelming! This is where the common practice of “doctor shopping” has become prevalent in today’s society. We go through the medical system (both conventional and alternative) and waste time and money trying to find the best fit for our health concerns. This builds frustration and hopelessness for a solution to those health concerns leading to one of two things:

  1. You settle for a treatment that you’re not 100% satisfied with but don’t feel like you have any other option
  2. Live with your health concerns and accept that it’s just something you will have for the rest of your life

With so many different practitioners out there, it’s hard to find enough information about every profession to make an informed decision…until now. ProHealth Systems has done all the background research for you!
We have taken 5 Doctoral Programs and 1 Registered Massage Therapist program (excluding any training pre- and post- program), compared the number of hours dedicated to specific topics/modalities, and compiled it all into easy to read tables.

Now you, and your future clients, have the perfect resource to determine the best professional to suit your own health philosophy and health concerns.

Please note: Specific program requirements at individual institutions will vary and this data is to provide a basic comparison and education priorities for each profession. In no way does it imply that any one profession is “better” than another, it is to help you determine which type of practitioner best suits your health needs.


The data above can be independently verified and was collected from the 2016 academic calendars of the top ranked programs in North America.

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