Patient Education Pain Series Handbooks

Patient Education Pain Series Handbooks

We are pleased to introduce a new series of Patient Education Handbooks, focusing on pain relief for specific body regions, and effective workouts to improve fitness and rehab. These are the ultimate guides to help your patients alleviate pain:

The patient education handbooks are designed for the general public, students, therapists, doctors and instructors. They offer the most effective treatment options with the least effort for alleviating pain. Work smarter, not harder to get better faster and stay stronger longer. 

In each handbook, find info on the appropriate education, assessment methods, and actions for each source of pain or injury. 

The 1000+ No Gym Workouts handbook helps to focus on goals for weight loss, muscle gain, and strength gain. This book has great visuals and easy-to-follow routines for all fitness levels.

Find out how you can establish yourself as an expert, educate patients, and advertise your clinic at the same time with these patient education handbooks (see handy slot in the back for your clinic business card!):

Sold individually and in BULK – for a hugely discounted price! 

Get a 28-pack of each handbook to give your patients for just $5 a book, or get a copy of each one in our Patient Education Pain Series (5-Pack). Visit our Bundles & Bulk Section  (US Store | CA Store) for details. 

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