Workout Exercise Posters

Workout exercise posters

Build muscle strength, balance, and transform your body with ‘better faster, stronger longer’ exercises —

16 Doctor Designed 1000+ exercise posters

Would you like a more muscular, toned body? Do you want to slow the aging process and improve your quality of life? Do you want more exercise options? Do you lack muscle strength, balance or flexibility? – These posters are designed for you!

Yoga Exercises PosterOur doctor-designed exercise posters will show you the absolute best exercises to build the body you want and achieve your goals.

These posters are specially designed to clearly show you how to execute the essential exercises to build the body you were destined to have. Rotate through exercises on each poster, over 1000 in total! (We recommend choosing at least 2 from each body region, 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions) and alternating to different exercises each workout so you never get bored.

These posters are endorsed by doctors, therapists, athletes and certified physical trainers around the world, and are further supported by the evidence-based textbooks for foundational anatomy and exercise science to help you achieve your ultimate goals – work smarter, not harder!

Poster Features:

  • 1000+ exercises that can be done at a gym or in the comfort of your home
  • Simple, easy to understand graphics display exactly how to do each exercise
  • A lifetime’s worth of workout options!
  • Poster divided by body region targeted
  • Doctor Designed and supported by exercise science
  • Work smarter not harder


Placement Suggestions:

For the Public – Put these Exercise Posters up on your wall for motivation. Flow-through different actions to challenge yourself in as many different ways as possible.

For Professionals – Place posters on a wall and have the client/patient take pictures with their cell phone of the SPECIFIC exercises you want them to perform.

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