Massage Draping

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Draping Online Course 101 – Introduction

Draping 101 - Introduction An important step in preparing a physical exam is ensuring that the patient is draped appropriately. Professionals should become confident in their draping practice to relax the patient and focus on their comfort and care. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the basic aspects of draping. Some of the main [...]

Draping Online Course 102 – Abdomen

Draping 102 - Abdomen Learning how to effectively and appropriately drape the abdomen can be a bit tricky, as the goal is to open up that area for treatment while completely avoiding either top or bottom exposure. With that in mind, here are the best steps and techniques for draping the abdomen. Abdominal draping applies [...]

Draping Online Course 103 – Groin

Draping 103 - Groin In this lesson, we’ll go over draping through the groin and quadricep muscle. You need to be able to drape high enough to work the origin of the adductor. First, if you’re using a blanket, you’ll want to remove that. When you fold the blanket up, you can tuck it in [...]

Draping Online Course 104 – Pregnancy

Draping 104 - Pregnancy Pregnant clients have many specific issues and symptoms that we, as therapists, have the necessary knowledge to treat. This allows us to improve their quality of life during this time, and overall make their pregnancy journey more comfortable. However, for obvious reasons, draping a pregnant client can offer some added challenges. [...]

Draping Online Course 105 – Male Draping

Draping 105 - Male Draping Learning how to securely drape a male client is an important part of treatment for any potential sprains in the groin area, where you may need access to the adductor and inguinal area. This provides for treatment of pectineus, adductor longus and the quadriceps, and this particular draping style is [...]

Draping Online Course 106 – Breast Draping

Draping 106 - Breast Draping When working with female patients, a thorough knowledge of secure breast draping techniques can greatly increase their comfort and relaxation during treatment. It’s an important part of your relationship with your client, and allows you to build long-term positive relationships. Breast draping can be a bit trickier than other techniques [...]

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