RMT Board Exam Review

The Ultimate RMT Board Exam Review

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01 Anatomy and Physiology

The ULTIMATE RMT Board Exam Review Welcome to the ULTIMATE RMT Board Exam Review! With a few hours invested time, learn the best methods to pass the RMT Board exam from Dr. Nik Vizniak, RMT - who passed the exam in 35 minutes with an outstanding score of 91%! With the right dedication and attitude, [...]

02 Clinical Sciences

Now that you’ve heard from Dr. Nik about the best exam writing strategies (and attitude!) — and tested your knowledge with the basic sciences lesson quiz — it’s time to move on to review Clinical Sciences. Remember, writing down the information and creating your own study sheet will help you to retain more – this […]

03 Body Regions

Informed Consent OSCE Ankle & Foot DDx OSCE Cervical Neck DDx OSCE Elbow DDx OSCE Hip DDx OSCE Knee DDx OSCE Lumbar DDx OSCE Lumbar Sample Case OSCE Shoulder DDx OSCE Thoracic DDx OSCE Wrist DDx OSCE Motion End Play End Feels with Dr Chung and Dr Vizniak Textbooks Featured:

04 Practical Exams

Congratulations, you’ve come a long way! By now, you’ve heard from Dr. Nik about the best components to include in your own study sheets, and completed both the Basic Sciences, and Clinical Sciences practice exams. Now, it’s time to consider the best part of the exam, the Practical Exam. Practice and perform tasks so that […]

05 proCentral

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06 Ultimate RMT Review Evaluation

Online Course Evaluation Your Feedback is important to us.Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this course evaluation. Select the online course are you reviewing:*Arteries and VeinsCervical Instability Master ClassClinic Forms How-ToCommon InjuriesDocumentation Refresher for RMTsEnd Feels of the BodyIntro to IASTMIASTM Home StudyMassage DrapingMuscle TestingNerve PathwaysPain Management Through Diet and NutraceuticalsPresentations & [...]