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Requests for samples copies can be sent directly through our ‘Request Samples’ form and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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Professional Health Systems can provide free and /or low cost sample copies of our products for state & provincial licensure associations, book fairs and student orientations, as well as humanitarian and volunteer efforts.

Make ProHealth Titles required reading

The ProHealth Titles are designed to be used as students’ progress in learning level

Students demand it, instructor require it, practitioners love it!

See what other people are saying…

“This muscle manual is the most useful of any of Travell’s Trigger Point Manuals, Kendell’s Muscle Testing, Musculino’s Muscle System, Biel’s Trail Guide, and any Anatomy & Physiology text, all wrapped up in one parcel.” – Neil Reid, Myotherapist & acupuncturist, Australia

“By using the Professional Health Systems Anatomy & Assessment series we have saved our students over $300 in textbook cost and hundreds of hours.” – 
Rob Thomas, Professional Institute of Massage Therapy

“Wish I had all of these books when I was in school, classes would have been so much easier. They are a great reference for the chiropractic board exams.” – Dr. John Urbanski,

“This book [muscle manual] is an absolute treasure. After close examination of it’s content, it is clear that it is an absolute must for students starting out in the healthcare industries, as well as, an invaluable resource for teachers. It has superseded three (3) prescribed textbooks that I would normally use in a variety of classes. Recently, a student described this book to me as his 2nd bible.” – Geoff Walker, Massage Time Pty Ltd, Australia

“A few lecturers enquired as to why so many students were carrying around the ProHealth Books (especially because they’re not on our required reading lists) and we informed them that they should be!! I could say with certainty that if I would be to recommend 1 book to incoming first year students it would be your Physical Assessment text, it would have made the last 3 years a lot easier!” – Petra Watson, New Zealand Chiropractic College, New Zealand

“Vizinak’s Physical Assessment book is an exceptional resource for my Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Naturopathic students. Using PowerPoint lectures in conjunction with this textbook have made my classes easy to teach and fun.” – Daniel DeLapp, DC, DABCO, LAc, ND

“The Physical Assessment book is great for anyone who is serious about physical examinations and wants to learn the how and the whys rather than just going through the process. The level of detail and description is amazing especially for the joint exams. We used it to great effect in an OSCE training course this weekend for Emergency Medicine Physicians and were able to untangle some of the wilder joint examinations that the candidates were performing.” – Dr. Nick Smith, Head of Clinical Skills, Undergraduate Medical Education, CMFT Manchester, UK