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Advanced, evidence based posture assessment chart with patient educational information and space for advertising your own clinic or business.

Huge Size: 91cm (36″) x 157 cm (62″)

Video of use and application here

ADD-ONS: Laminate or add your custom logo


Basic Clinical Protocol Poster – 8.333″ x 19.5″
Massage Pain Scale Poster – 8.333″ x 21″
Pain Scale Poster – 11″ x 8.5″ (2up)



This educational poster is a must have for any clinic.

The Posture Poster is sure to improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care.

  • Posture Grid for observation of subtle postural changes
  • Height Measurement (inches & cm) – show your patients they are taller after treatment
  • Advertising space for your clinic – take pre and post treatment pictures with your clinic logo on your patient/client phone free advertising for your clinic
  • Anatomy pictures showing muscles, fascial trains, joints and major nerves for review and patient education
  • Global ROM goniometer & ROM references from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Snellen eye chart with color blindness testing
  • Faces pain scale with numeric values
  • Biomechanics of neck and lumbar spine
  • Upper and lower cross syndromes
  • Soft tissue injury & healing stages
  • Gait cycle and foot wear pattern
  • Posture evaluation plus education – help educate your patients and establish yourself as an expert in your field with this great educational resource

Format: Poster
Size: 91cm (36″) x 157 cm (62″) – 7cm (2.75″) diameter shipping
Weight: 452g (1 lb)
Stock: 48lb Bond Paper 


(add in CART for an additional cost):

+$14.99 – Add your Custom Logo
(logo is positioned at top right corner of Posture Poster)

+$24.99 – Laminate your Posture Poster
(3mil glossy; front and back)



Order your Posture Poster with a choice of 3 additional Clinic Posters!

Format: Clinic Posters
Stock: 48lb Bond Paper

  • Basic Clinical Protocol Poster 8.333″ x 19.5″
  • Massage Pain Scale Poster 8.333″ x 21″
  • Pain Scale Poster 11″ x 8.5″ (2up)


Massage Pain Scale Poster

Helps massage therapists and patients work together to define their pain before, during and after a treatment.

Pain Scale Poster

Helps patient care providers quickly assess pain levels according to individual patient needs.

Basic Clinical Protocol Poster

A high level guideline for patient assessment that is effective for practitioners and patients: 1) Patients become more comfortable when they can see what’s involved; 2) Practitioners can answer patient questions and conduct a thorough assessment with this at-a-glance reference.

Posture Poster

Posture education, plus education. Improve your clinical assessment and demonstrate the effectiveness of your care with: posture grid; height measurement; anatomy photos, eye chart, soft tissue injury & healing stages; gait cycle & foot wear pattern; biomechanics of neck and lumbar spine…and more!

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Dimensions 91 × 10 × 10 cm

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