Designed by Dr. Nikita Vizniak in 2001 our logo is based on the standard medical logo for orthopedics. The logo is a symbol of our role in worldwide education.

  • The ground represents the base and foundation from which to grow – physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The PHS’s teachings are analogous to the soil which nourishes the tree with the essential nutrients – the building blocks of any good education.
  • As we follow the tree trunk up to the branches we are symbolically reminded of the upward growth pattern our education takes which is resembled in the tree of life (arbor vitae).
  • The spine combined within the tree trunk alludes that basic anatomy and pathophysiology are required for competence and the development of an evidence based assessment & treatment options.
  • The staff supporting the spine-like trunk is the role of PHS and healthcare professionals – a supporting team creating optimal conditions and support for the body’s natural healing ability (injury prevention, nutrition, intervention and education). The staff is a metaphor for the hand that leads the patient along their own healing journey to health.
  • Crowning the staff and trunk we reach the branches and the fruit produced by the culmination of its foundational roots and trunk. Here we are reminded of the harvest, the fruition that our hard work, time, and effort produces. The many leaves and branches also point to the many parts of an individual and the abundance of different modalities that one can use to help restore optimal balance.
  • Finally, from a broad view we can see a forest of PHS trees representing a community and more broadly the whole world. Our logo is a symbol to unite all of our students, patients, therapists & clinicians – sharing our fruitful harvest from our trees with the world. It is the primary goal of PHS to create a supportive and sharing community of knowledge that will reach all individuals and promote optimal heath on all levels.
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