Professional Comparison


Professionals are listed in alphabetical order for DC, DO, DPT, MD, ND, RMT – hours show the content of core curriculum at institutions and do not take into individual extra certification, continuing education, or residency hours. Given the huge variability, doctor-level programs do NOT include any undergrad classes.

Data can be independently verified and was collected from academic calendars of North American institutions

Specific programs at different institutions will vary; charts are provided for basic comparison and education priorities of each profession and does not imply any one profession is ‘better’ than another. Please recognize that while education plays a role in practice style, the charts below do not take into consideration post-graduate education, practice preference, clinical specialization or continuing education.

Total Hours

LMT – licensed massage therapist is a US designation with a large difference in basic educational requirements – 200-1000 hrs)


Break down by topic

Professional Comparison

DC = Doctor of Chiropractic, DPT = Doctor of Physical Therapy, DO = Doctor of Osteopathy, MD = Medical Doctor, ND = Naturopathic Doctor, PT = Physical Therapist, RMT = Registered Massage Therapist, (doctor level degrees require a Bachelor’s level or equivalent for entry into program) – hours show content of core curriculum at institution and do not take into individual extra certification, continuing educational hours or practice time dedicated to each discipline.