New Textbook: Orthopedic Assessment

Author Nikita A. Vizniak

I’m pleased to announce a new resource available at Prohealthsys! Fresh off the press is an evidence-based, practical textbook for use in the classroom and practice — Orthopedic Assessment.

“Don’t guess, Assess.”

Orthopedic Assessment is a quick reference guide for students, instructors and healthcare providers. The content, illustrations and layout format are designed to be useful during practice and in the classroom for procedures, interpretation, clinical notes and ranking. Supportive videos are accessible online.

  • Over 3500 Illustrations & Images
  • Regional Learning Objectives and Tests
  • Online Video, Image & Text Resources
  • Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed (DC, DO, MD, ND, PhD, PT, RMT, RN)
  • Pocket-Sized & Portable
  • Clear Presentation & Logical Format Saves Time
  • Perfect for Licensure & Board Exam Review
  • A Must-Have for Clinic & General Practice

I hope you enjoy Orthopedic Assessment, created to continue your education and improve your practice.

Learn more / Get your copy of Orthopedic Assessment

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