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Get a 12 pack of the popular Muscle Manual at a great discount. The Muscle Manual is designed as a quick reference guide for students, instructors and healthcare providers. The content, illustrations and layout format are designed to be useful in the classroom and during practice long into the future.


The Muscle Manual is a definitive resources for students and practitioners, used as a required text for many colleges and universities. The Muscle Manual offers 608 full colour pages of evidence based, easily accessible information on topics of: Muscle Testing, Functional Anatomy, Palpation, Posture, Gait, Strengthen Exercises, Kinesiology, ROM, Goniometry, Anatomical Variation, Case studies, Critical Thinking and much more. Use the Muscle Manual in the classroom and clinic for patient education.

The Muscle Manual is a valuable study guide for students, therapists and doctors preparing for board exams, oral practical exams, objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) and many other licensure examinations. This text bridges the gap between classroom education and practical clinical application.

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