proCentral™ Special Tests

Body Region
Body Region

Patellar Public Percussion

Ober’s Modified Test

Leg Length Evaluation

Acetabular Labral Tear Test

Hip Telescoping Test

Hamstring Contracture Test

Rectus Femoris Contracture Test

Scour (quadrant) Test

SI Resisted Abduction

F.A.I.R (Piriformis) Test

Patrick (Fabere) Test

Femoral Neck Stress FX Test

Allis Sign (Skyline)

Thigh Thrust Test (Oostagard’s or Post Test)

SI Marching Test (Gillette or Marching Test)

Sacrotuberous Ligament Stress Test

SI Joint Play (Flexion Extension)

Watson Scaphoid Shift Test

Thumb Abduction Stress Test

Lunotriquetral Ballotement

Thoracic Distraction Test

Thoracic Compression Test

Sternal Compression Test

Passive Scapular Adduction

Squat Walk Test

Duck Waddle Test

Disco/Thessaly Test

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