proCentral™ Thoracic & Torso

Body Region
Body Region

Elevated Clavicle Pec Major

Muscle Units Pec Minor Scoliosis

00 Neck Motion Meningies Spinal Cord

00 Spine Compression Fractures

Abdominal Muscles Unfixed

Abdominal Muscle Unfixed

Abdominals Sternalis Muscle

Anterior Chest Sternum Fixed

Back Muscle Massage IASTM

0 Back Muscles Unfixed

Costal Shape Variation

Erectors Spinae Unfixed

Low Back Skin Fat Natural Tissue

Pec Major Serratus Anterior Variation Unfixed

0 Rhomboids Latissimus Dorsi

Gluteus Maximus Short Lateral Rotators

Trapezius Rhomboid Scapulocostal Joint

Bruise latisimus dorsi erector multifidi

Abdominal Fat Rectus Abdominus

Imaging of the Thoracic Spine

Vertebral Epiphysitis Scheuermann

Costochondritis Tietze Syndrome

SPs and TPs T1 – L5

Thoracic Distraction Test

Thoracic Compression Test

Sternal Compression Test

Passive Scapular Adduction

Thoracic & Torso – Range of Motion

Thoracic and Rib Mobilization

Cervical Thoracic Joint Mobilization